SUBLIME by Alexis Ferrer

Mit seiner außergewöhnlichen Hair-Printing-Technique schafft Hairdressing Award Gewinner Alexis Ferrer ein kunstvolles Werk an beeindruckenden Haartapeten...

Bereits 2012 begann Alexis Ferrer experimentell an seiner photografischen Projektionsarbeit von Kunstwerken auf Haar. Seither wird dieses Können ständig verfeinert.  Für die aktuelle Sublime-Kolektion hat sich Ferrer von Tapeten des späten 19. Jahrhunderts und der Ankunft des Chinoiserie-Stils in Europa beeinflussen lassen. 

“This collection speaks of the future, formed by two worlds that coexist, the real and the virtual. The latter is lived with great intensity by the younger generations, who find in it the possibility of bringing their vision to the world, a visual fantasy that ends up permeating reality. "Sublime'' presents visual stimuli from design and fantasy that are reflected in our daily lives. In our collections, we want to show the result of the dialogue between craftsmanship and technology to create elements that will write the future. In any work we narrate an idea, a concept, as if it were a story to make people fall in love, to reach their hearts, although, in this case, we are explaining what future we are heading towards. We have to understand what it will be like, what needs there will be, what technology is and how it can help us to create, to magnify our image, and to show ourselves to be different tomorrow. We also point out the need for stimulation among young people, who want to stand out and innovate with hair that is not colored as usual, through a look that ends up saying and expressing much more. Hair manages to transmit ideas and images that can become part of the inner reflection of people. In the virtual world, we all create our own custom-made character, something that in this collection we also transfer to reality, as these two worlds will end up mixing in the future”. 

Alexis Ferrer


Hair Artist: Alexis Ferrer
Hair Assistant: Raquel Daconceicao
Make-up: Melany Vila
Photographer: Lluís Domingo, Creueta119 
Creative designer: Ivan Merino; Biscuitsbcn
Textile artist: Josep Safont 
Products: Wella Professionals 
Models: Arni, Andrea
Models Agency: Trend Model Management 
In collaboration with Escola Massana