PILI - PALA by Shelley Lane

Sich von der Natur inspirieren zu lassen ist nicht nur faszinierend, sondern immer auch emotional. Schmetterlinge aus Haaren, die die Frisur küssen, bringt den romantischsten Touch der Saison …

“This collection is inspired by the agitated but always delicate flight of butterflies over flowers. This is where the name comes from. "Pili-pala" means butterfly in Welsh. These are present in the images, sharing their magic with them. To shape these butterflies, I created a bead with natural hair. Regarding the looks, they present a strong structure, although with a delicate finish that provides a feeling of freedom of movement.”

Shelley Lane


Hair: Shelley Lane
Photography: Dan Thomas
Make-up: Ryo Love
Hair Assistants: Joanna Davies, Janine Flay