Femme by Nikita Fisher

Female Empowerment verkörpert durch ikonische Modemomente der 80er steht im Vordergrund der neuen Kollektion von Nikita Fisher ...

"Fashion in the 80s allowed for a revolutionary freedom of expression, which in turn empowered women to create powerful new looks. Incorporating modern fabrics and textures and forming bold new silhouettes, it was an era that allowed women to truly
create their own image: from the Power Suit, which disguised the feminine form through broad shoulders and oversize tailoring to create a commanding, professional presence, to the popular high leg leotard of 80s sports culture which allowed women to celebrate their bodies and take pride in their shape. My vision was to take inspiration from these dynamic 80s fashion moments and merge them with modern hair finishes, for a powerful, high fashion feel."

Nikita Fisher, Palmer Fisher London


Collection by Nikita Fisher, Palmer Fisher London
Photographer: Katherine Boyle @katherineboyle_photography
MUA: Oliva Moss @glossybymossy