ELISE by Elise Antoine

Klare Schnitte, raue, doch natürliche Texturen und eine harmonische Verschmelzung klassisch weiblicher und männlicher Looks mit dem typisch französischen Charme der Elise Antoine ...

“I cut ...” exclaims the woman Elise ANTOINE ... THEY assume the change of this new Era in order to face other
universes, Their fight is to be FREE in their bodies and in their heads, to optimize the natural to be SHE, to be HIM, but without forgetting to magnify them. The color becomes like an emblem and a signature. It is technical for delicate and refined results. The textures are raw and natural and harmonize by adapting to their feminine and masculine looks This collection is the start of a new vision, a different style but above all to discover new desires.


Photographer: Pawel Wylag
Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska
Styling: Joanna Wolff
Production: MKProduction & Christophe Gaillet